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Draw my Path

Group Project

Platform: Hololens 2

Time: 2 weeks

Role: 3D Artist

About the Game

Draw My Path is a third-person AR Game running on HoloLens 2. The player plays as the boy having a crush on a girl, but being chased by his fear of getting rejected. The player should help the boy getting cross the obstacles by dragging encouragement bubbles to the boy and drawing the path for the boy. In this game development, we want to create a theme of "getting away from self-doubt".


image (1).png

The Environment

Since it is a game based on a simple love story, I want the player to feel about the simplicity of self-encouragement. The art-style of the environment overall is a low-poly, romantic, and cartoon world. whit limited time scope and the idea of making something simply and cute, I made several different color palette with the 2D artist in our team. The final build has a green, yellow and red tone based on emotional shifts of the boy, which is getting more and more intense and hopeful as he walks toward the girl.



The green version of early prototype, setting up the overall style


image (4).png
image (3).png


I modeled three characters: the little boy, girl, and the shadow. For the boy and girl, they share a simplistic light tone f, while the shadow is designed as an evil character with a overall black color. As the shadow chasing the boy, there are particles and negative, self-doubt bubble circling around to emphasize the negative self of the boy.


image (2).png

2D Sketches of the characters (credit to Emily Tyminski)

The Game Play Video

This is the video showcasing our team playing the AR game.


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