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Santa's Honor

Group Project

Platform: Jam o Drum

Time: 2 weeks

Role: 3D Artist

About the Game

Santa's Battle is a Jam o Drum (a legacy 4-player platformer hosting in ETC) multi-player festival game in which the four guests play as Santa Clauses collecting presents in a snowball fight. Each of them throws snowballs, which could turn another guest to be a snowman. The one who collects the most gifts wins the game.


Screenshot 2022-03-08 154454.png

The Environment

Since it is a game based on a festival theme, we want to make the environment light and colorful, with some subtle textures and customized lights to create a festival atmosphere. 


Some assets made for the scene following a cute, light-hearted theme.



Characters and UI Design



credits to Anlan Yang


The Game Play Video

This is the video showcasing our team playing the Jam o Drum game.


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