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How to be a Heartbreaker

Group Project

Platform: Tobii Eye Tracker 5

Time: 1 week

Role: 2D Artist, Game Designer 

About the Game

How to be a Heartbreaker is a "don"t look" eye tracker game in which the guest is Agent Hreatbreaker with super power, which makes everyone falls in love with he or she by looking at their eyes. The game trains the gust to be a professional agent. The goal is simple: go break the hearts of gril, monster, and robot! Stare their eyes, and do not get distracted!



The Style

Since it is game for fun, I want the player to feel light-hearted. The art-style of our game is 2D, comical, and hilarious. Our time limit is only 1 week, which is shorter than my previous projects. I made all the character designs and sketches, and decide the light tone palette.


WeChat Image_20211113121254.png
WeChat Image_20211113121251.png
WeChat Image_20211113121223.png

UI profile design at the begining if each level. The purpose is to create an atmosphere of being an agent and prepare to work.


Target character designed (girl, robot, and monster) for three level. The player has to break their hearts!


2D Sketches of the distractions. While the player is starring at their target character, these distractions will pop up from all different angels. (credit to Jingyuan Fang)

The Game Play Video

This is the vide record of the eye tracker game.


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