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I am Home

Group Project

Platform: Oculus Quest 2

Time: 2 weeks

Role: 3D Artist

I am Home is a first-person VR horror game. The player plays as the husband coming back from work and found his wife missing in the house. In this game development, a mythical, haunted house with lots of freedom is the key experience we want to create. As the player proceeds the game, there will be a strings of clues telling a tragic story about why the house is haunted.


In this case, I want to make the environment mysterious, quiet, and dark. Various kinds of lighting is used in order to limit the scale of view and create a sense of  horror so that the player should feel nervous while exploring the house. 

WeChat Image_20211003204534.png

 room assets models made for the game

WeChat Image_20211003204644.png

When I made the art assets in the room, I consider more about the vintage style of 1990s. And it would be easier for the player get a sense of old time story.

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